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The Robin Hood Tax campaign - who highlighted the figure - branded the windfall, for mainly big bosses and wheeler-dealers, "obscene".
TOTTENHAM supremo Daniel Levy prides himself on being one of the game's great wheeler-dealers - but he was rendered speechless in the technology capital of Korea.
Mr Khan said he hoped to offer students an alternative image to that of lawyers as fat cats and wheeler-dealers who were only in the profession for the money.
The 11-year-old, from Allerton, will take on 19 other wheeler-dealers of all ages in the North West Monopoly Championships in Salford next month.
Finally, to those wheeler-dealers who have brought the Federation into crisis, I would refer you to the Bible, Luke 23 verse 24, which refers to the crucifixion.
All eyes were on the Stock Exchange at Rugby School today as young wheeler-dealers set out to be the best traders.
That isn't likely to happen if word gets out that nothing has really changed, and the Inspector General's Office is little more than window dressing because wheeler-dealers can get away with intimidating whistle-blowers.
Morris's trio comes through, in his account, not as public leaders but as wheeler-dealers continually tap dancing around their own convictions as they sensed what was possible in the shuttered-up sauna of the summer convention.
The Robin Hood tax campaign - which highlighted the figure - branded the windfall, for mainly big bosses and wheeler-dealers, "obscene".
CITY wheeler-dealers boasted about being superheroes while rigging lending rates, a report revealed.
Chelsea's wheeler-dealers met Marseille officials two weeks ago and were quoted pounds 15m for the forward who topped the charts in France and shook up Liverpool and Newcastle in Europe.
But now well-loved South London wheeler-dealers Del Boy, Rodney and Uncle Albert - or perhaps their long-lost cousins - really are setting up business in America.
Theater Projects continues its spring reading series at the Skirball Cultural Center April 7 with ``The Deal,'' Ron Burch's comedy about five capitalist wheeler-dealers.
Hopeful sellers try to cash in on their curious collectables, pitching their wares to wheeler-dealers including Celia Sawyer.
And 84 per cent even think failed wheeler-dealers such as the BBC soap's Ian Beale deserve a second chance.