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A tractor-trailer that has 18 wheels. Be careful changing lanes, there's an 18-wheeler coming up behind you. I hate driving next to 18-wheelers—I feel like I'm always in their blind spot no matter what. The kids entertained themselves on the bus ride by getting 18-wheelers to honk at them.


1. noun One who proactively pursues business deals, bargains, or other arrangements of benefit to oneself or one's organization, especially by aggressive, shrewd, or unscrupulous means. He's just another wheeler-dealer eager to turn a quick profit by any means necessary. These wheeler-dealers know how to manipulate the system in nefarious ways in order to line their own pockets. Make sure you're buying your car from a trusted dealership, not any old wheeler-dealer you meet online.
2. adjective Of or indicating such behavior, attitudes, or tactics. I decided to leave that wheeler-dealer lifestyle behind after seeing the cost it had on my family. It's that kind of wheeler-dealer attitude that brought our economy to its knees back in 2008.
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n. a large trailer truck. (There are a total of eighteen wheels on the cab and trailer.) An eighteen-wheeler almost ran me off the road.


n. someone who bargains aggressively. (see also wheel and deal.) Who’s the wheeler-dealer who set up this deal?
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