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says the ratio of wheeled to tracked machines in Europe is already about 80 percent to 20 percent.
Tracked and wheeled machines have their advantages and disadvantages, but "ground conditions are the primary driver of the tracked vs.
While most wheeled material handlers have four-wheel drive and are capable of operating when the ground is soft and wet, that environment is usually left to crawlers, says Paul Hill, products manager at Liebherr America Inc.
As more processors pave their facilities, the trend is to purchase wheeled material handlers in hopes of minimizing damage to the improved operating surfaces.
In Recycling Today's 2001 survey of recyclers, more than 60 percent of those responding operated a wheeled loader, with many of those owning more than one of the machines.
At large MRFs and paperstock plants, wheeled loaders move loose paper grades tipped from collection trucks onto waiting trucks or boxcars.