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"'It has certainly been a hard day,' said little Hans to himself as he was going to bed, 'but I am glad I did not refuse the Miller, for he is my best friend, and, besides, he is going to give me his wheelbarrow.'
"'Well, really,' said the Miller, 'I think that, considering that I am going to give you my wheelbarrow, it is rather unfriendly of you to refuse.'
"'Good-bye,' said little Hans, and he began to dig away quite merrily, he was so pleased about the wheelbarrow.
"'Well, really,' answered the Miller, 'as I have given you my wheelbarrow, I don't think that it is much to ask you for a few flowers.
"'A great loss to me at any rate,' answered the Miller; 'why, I had as good as given him my wheelbarrow, and now I really don't know what to do with it.
by the barrow-load Earlier this year Loughborough in Bloom encouraged anyone had a spare garden wheelbarrow, to make a new use of it by planting it up with some tasty produce.
TWO workmen are snapped sleeping while they take a break at work - with one using a wheelbarrow as his bed.
THE UK's only wheelbarrow manufacturer, The Walsall Wheelbarrow Company, has more than doubled its capacity.
Event 8 -- Wheelbarrow Half, Switch, Wheelbarrow Back Relay: A student pairs up with a partner and wheelbarrows down to the half court line, switches, and then wheelbarrows back.
Hyperinflation in Venezuela has led to the "wheelbarrow problem," when a currency has become so worthless that people need a wheelbarrow of cash to make purchases.
The NewDawn has also gathered that a wheelbarrow load of coconut shelf is being sold at LRD$1, 750.00 to customers interested in the shelf.There are many private - owned coconut farms across Liberia and few coconut trees planted in many communities here, but coconut shelf have not been noticed to be used for any essential commercial purpose here until this latest discovery among marketers.
You can make a wheelbarrow much more stable and increase its hauling capacity by converting it from one wheel to three, says Billy Gilbert, Apex, North Carolina.
THIEVES used a wheelbarrow to steal thousands of pounds worth of stock during an overnight raid at a coffee shop.
LAGOS State Government on Saturday placed a total ban on the operations of cart pushers and wheelbarrow operators in the state, declaring that their activities were inimical to the environmental cleanliness in the state.
IN reply to Tony Levy of Wednesfield, who was left deflated by his wheelbarrow debacle: unfortunately it is now the situation that we find ourselves in where it is quicker, cheaper and easier to replace an item rather than repair it.