wheel off

wheel someone or something off

to push or steer someone or something on wheels some distance away. The nurse wheeled the old man off. Karen wheeled off the patient.
See also: off, wheel
References in classic literature ?
When they would thrust at, or parry, the noses of his champing horses, making them swing their heads and move their feet, disturbing a solid dreamy repose, he swore at the men as fools, for he himself could perceive that Providence had caused it clearly to be written, that he and his team had the unalienable right to stand in the proper path of the sun chariot, and if they so minded, obstruct its mission or take a wheel off.
I have to do with no one but the States, by whom I am paid; let me see an order from them to leave the place to you, and I shall only be too glad to wheel off in an instant, as I am confoundedly bored here."
Tony grinning through his grimace as we wheel off the curb,
He's performed well enough during their practice stops to tackle the most dangerous role - the Wheel Off Man, who must step out in front of the moving car ready to remove the old tyre as soon as the car has stopped.
It seems the chocolate Wagon Wheel has shrunk so much it's more like a spare wheel off Noddy's car.
A WAGON Wheel has shrunk so much it is more like a spare wheel off Noddy's car, and the Mars bar has gone the same way, it is now so small that I used more energy opening it than it gave me by eating it.
The driver took his eyes off the road and dropped the front wheel off the pavement pulling the truck off the road.
"Then when they took the stabiliser wheel off and there was the risk of rolling the car, the pressure didn't get to me.
2 Once you've got the wheel off and the inner tube out, make sure you give the inside of the tyre a good feel all the way round.
Sometimes you can get away with having one wheel off the ground after a sneaky bit of kerb usage, or even two if you're on a hot lap.
Edwina White: I dunno my Ka is so noisy I don't know if I would notice if I had a wheel off...
Tenders are invited for Grinding Wheel Off Set For Stellite Valve Seat Dlw Drg.
UPPERTHONG: February 16 - Thief entered Citroen Xsara by unknown means, removed cowling from steering column, forced steering lock which broke steering wheel off and activated air bag.
She saw people trying to get the wheel off her car, which had been jacked up.