the wheel has come/turned full circle

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the wheel has come full circle

The situation or circumstance has returned to its original or a similar state. After the banking sector brought on the economic collapse through lack of federal oversight, the wheel seems to have come full circle as politicians are beginning to call for deregulation of the industry once again.
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the wheel has turned (or come) full circle

the situation has returned to what it was in the past, as if completing a cycle.
This phrase comes from Shakespeare 's King Lear: ‘The wheel is come full circle’. The wheel referred to is that which the goddess Fortune was said to turn as a symbol of random luck or change.
See also: circle, full, turn, wheel

the ˌwheel has come/turned full ˈcircle

(saying) something that changed greatly has now returned to its original state or position: How long does it take for the wheel of fashion to come full circle?
See also: circle, come, full, turn, wheel