wheel away

wheel someone or something away

to push away someone or something on wheels. The nurse wheeled the old man away, into the shelter of the porch. She wheeled away the old man.
See also: away, wheel
References in classic literature ?
We skipped out and looked; but it warn't nothing but the flutter of a steamboat's wheel away down, coming around the point; so we come back.
HAMMER BLOW: Wolves' Stephen Ward holds his head as Burnley players wheel away to celebrate their second goal.
ClEan uP: girls wheel away the deckchairs for the night FAMILY OUTING: Enjoying the shade of a weeping willow tree on Stratford Recreation Ground.
If you turn the wheel away from the curb and move forward, the back wheels will just bump into the curb.
Turn the wheel away from the dock and shift into forward, and all you're doing is pushing the stern into the dock.
Wheelie bins have been used by burglars in Hartlepool to climb over backyard walls and gain access to properties, as well as being used to wheel away or hide stolen goods.
Get on your bike and wheel away with your family for a perfect - and healthy - outing gadgets
This machine has a 'wheel away' infeed and will be running product in a modified atmosphere.
The intruders also used the club's Red Cross stretcher to wheel away a framed jersey given to midfielder Tommy Bryce for his 40th birthday.
IT'S PARK-RED: Aberdeen players wheel away in delight after Darren Mackie's fifth-minute effort gave them a fifth-minute lead and left Celtic's defence looking shell-shocked
Coulthard - who regularly travels at over 180mph - revealed he rarely gets behind the wheel away from the circuit.
Coulthard - accompanied by people of different ages to illustrate the roads death toll - revealed he rarely gets behind the wheel away from the circuit.