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In a bid to prove that his burgers were exceptionally prime, Gus Belt would wheel around a barrel of premium steak and grind the meat into burgers right in front of the guests.
But how about a bench that you can wheel around to follow the sun?
One day his wife, Olga, looked at Org and said, "I no longer find you attractive, either lose the wheel around your midsection (tires were not invented yet) or I'm out of here
Managers at three of South Wales' main shopping centres seem to agree, with Bridgend Designer Outlet and Cardiff's St David's Centre and Queen's Arcade all saying children were free to wheel around.
Since then, Mr Ryan has spent around pounds 30,000 refurbishing and transporting the wheel around the country.
If proof were ever needed that the shopping trolley you try to wheel around the supermarket has a life of its own, then look no further than Philip Ridley's latest book.
In this way you move the wheel around by pulling the wheel down with the left hand to commence a left turn, and slip the right hand to the bottom of the wheel to continue pushing up to keep the wheel turning.
That means British drivers will be behind the wheel around a month before their fellow Europeans.
He was previously banned from the road for 12 months after being caught drunk behind the wheel around eight years ago.
Nearby, at Northridge Hospital Medical Center, workers wheel around a humor cart filled with stress-relieving books and videotapes for patients.
The courting pair might change color, sidle by each other, swim side-by-side holding tails, or grip the same strand of sea grass with their tails and wheel around it in unison.
The male dancers grip on to moveable boards they wheel around the female dancers, elaborately and cinematically framing them.
Grandon characterizes the new business combine as, "The hub of a wheel around which many individual spokes will be constructed for a common purpose.