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what's his/her/their name

A phrase used to refer to someone whose name the speaker does not know or cannot remember. And then what's their name showed up at the party and ruined the whole thing! Dave has been dating what's her name for a few months now.
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Used to indicate a person whose name is not known or can't be remembered. Sometimes the hyphens and apostrophe are removed to form a single unbroken word. I heard old what's-his-name is back to teaching the course again next week. I ran into whatshername from next door down at the grocery store this morning.
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This site is perfect if you wanted to know what 'whatshisname' was in before Star Wars, and what the stars starred in before they hit it big.
It's the couple's second child and came the same day Tom Whatshisname became a J-E-T, dad, dad, dad.
First Donny Whatshisname walks out, now Ken Russell has gone, too.
I have often stood and marvelled at the beauty of the Highlands or Borders bristling with Scottish pride only to find out that the vast swathes I'm admiring have been bought out by some super rich Lord Whatshisname.
O well.) Certain people--Tu Fu--who of course lived in a healthier time really, just a bad break in the Tang dynasty, Su Tung P'o, Prince whatshisname? I forget, the last S.
It was put in place over the last couple of years as the inventory of real designers has been depleted, either signed and gone really huge, like Martha; or signed, used up and pushed aside, more or less, like that guy at Target-you know, whatshisname?
Homer once referred to him as "that guy who gives those sermons at church: Captain Whatshisname."
There was a month with Ling Tsien, a Singapore-Chinese at the Science Po' who wanted to marry her, then, the bicycle tour through Gers to the Pyrenees, where she'd slept in a tent with Jean-Michel Whatshisname. In law school, there was no time for anything but bouts of sheer relief--"getting the rocks off, the ashes hauled"--sleeping with fellow sufferers, the most interesting, a first and probably, last--Denise Solle, the blonde Law Review Editor.
Winning the NDT bore immediate fruit, as Bill Balthrop and Chuck Kauffman introduced me and Old Whatshisname to new entertainment possibilities in Boston.
Whatshisname on PBS tiptoeing through innocuous monologues and singing twee ditties that would not have brought a blush to Eisenhower's ear.
In Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif has been replaced by whatshisname. In Khyber- Pukhtunkhwa, Pervez Khattak has been replaced by whatshisname.
Rab Wharrie emailed: "So Adam whatshisname thinks Scottish football is not good enough for him?
Anyway, there is a line that proclaims 'ah had to go to London 'cos ah couldn't nd a job, but ah don't intend to stay long if ah make a few quick bob.' is resonated with me as I spent a lot of my earlier comedy career running around e Smoke like a low-budget Jack whatshisname out of the TV series 24.
On our Animal Magic album they made me look like the geezer from AHa Morten whatshisname. Some of the teenage girls were a bit disappointed when they saw me!
Say what you like about him, Mark Whatshisname may not linger long in my wife's affections but he'll certainly go down in Sky Blues history.