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what's his/her/their name

A phrase used to refer to someone whose name the speaker does not know or cannot remember. And then what's their name showed up at the party and ruined the whole thing! Dave has been dating what's her name for a few months now.
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Used to indicate a person whose name is not known or can't be remembered. Sometimes the hyphens and apostrophe are removed to form a single unbroken word. I heard old what's-his-name is back to teaching the course again next week. I ran into whatshername from next door down at the grocery store this morning.
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"When I took the part of whatshername, honestly, it was probably the best thing I've done.
After Noel, H from Steps, Charlotte the Survivor and hairdressing Helen whatshername from Big Brother, surely the law of averages states some spotty oik from the Home Counties is going to carry off the top prize.
Being told to pull his socks up (at least on one leg) by member of the Royal Family who looks like being an improvement on Fergie and Sophie whatshername.
Outside, mist and drizzle envelop neighboring skyscrapers, and in conversational pauses I can't help but flash on images of King Kong dragging whatshername to the top of the Empire State Building.
Less emotionally engaging but visually striking, Claire Carter's Whatshername also recalls the playground.
Why don't you ask your friend whatshername - the blonde one with the long legs and the big breasts - if she'd like to join us?
Sandy: "They always do up whatshername. What's her name?"
The fact that Johnny's on-off girlfriend is called Whatshername epitomises this, but former X Factor finalist Amelia Lily makes spirited work of the limited part.
We were on Gary's side, flouncing to the kitchen in comradeship with him walking off when, um, whatshername, was kicked out in week one in favour of Rylan.
"When I fell in love with whatshername it was because of that nose and those eyes, it was the imperfections."
We have to remember that our roads are now decided in England by a Scottish woman MP, Helen Whatshername, who was turned down by Donald Dewar for a job in his administration for not being good enough.
Following touring with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Amelia Lily is set to make her West End debut as Whatshername in American Idiot.
Run Monday, C4 She used to be whatshername. The comedy stooge to David Mitchell on Peep Show, and Bev in those insanely irritating "Bev?
Amelia has landed the role of Whatshername in American Idiot - the Tony Award-winning musical featuring the music of American rock band and latest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Green Day.