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and whatnot

Along with other things of a similar kind; and so forth. The shop has all the basics—bread, milk, eggs, and whatnot—but nothing too fancy. I mean, I enjoy listening to music and whatnot, but I'm not an aficionado or anything.
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or whatnot

Along with options similar to that which the speaker has just mentioned. You can get whatever ice cream flavor want—chocolate or vanilla or whatnot. It doesn’t matter to me. I bet they'll play games like musical chairs or pin the tail on the donkey or whatnot at Davey's birthday party.
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I won't bore you with details I've written about before, details that anyone reading this far into this column are probably familiar with, but the nation's roads, bridges and whatnot are not even in average shape.
But now having done eight years and understanding the work that it takes and whatnot, playing eight more years somewhere near the level I'm playing now would be solid."
"We've been operating fairly under-the-radar in terms of developing a pipeline and whatnot. It's resulted in more than three times what we anticipated doing in 2016.
etc."doctrinal, institutional, legal, textual, ritual, national, and whatnot. Seen from within or without, there are resemblances but not identity.
"Our regular customers know they can count on us for standard lock installations and whatnot, but what they weren't aware of was how we can offer this type of service 'round-the-clock," says Parker.
Here's hoping Apple adds a similar feature to iBooks at the very least and turns it systemwide, so as to make reading messages, emails, webpages, tweets and whatnot easier on iOS.
KUWAIT, Oct 10 (KUNA) -- The new electronic media law will not apply to social media involving Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and whatnot, a senior media official said here on Saturday.
But before we all boycott hotels everywhere and cancel those holidays on the Costa del Whatnot and forget plans for that city break, perhaps we should apply the same logic to our own homes.
Controversial Egyptian director Enas al Dughaidi isn't shy when it comes to talking about sex and whatnot, and she thought that it'd be fun to share a "never-been-kissed-style" story in an interview with Dream TV this week.
After facing raids, arrests, media trial, and whatnot in the wake of a New York Times investigative report that pinned a global fake diploma scam on it, the beleaguered IT firm Axact has also been alleged to have a stake in money-laundering, Hundi, and Hawala business.
Summary: In fantasy novels, communities of evil demihumans, like orcs or goblins, have a leader – a chieftain or a king or whatnot. But in hierarchy ...
So they're going to the emergency department" with minor conditions, even though "the whole intent [of the ACA] was to get the sore throats, coughs, congestion and whatnot" out of the ERs, New Jersey ER physician Dr.
To win the nationals is a big thing and it's something that doesn't come around that often; courses changing, courses suiting you and whatnot.
If forced to shoot at deer, antelope, sheep, or whatnot past 500 yards, the 26 Nosier would absolutely be my cartridge of choice.