and whatnot

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and whatnot

Along with other things of a similar kind; all the rest; and so forth; et cetera. I'm just popping down to the shop for a few basics: bread, milk, and whatnot. I mean, I enjoy listening to music and whatnot, but I'm not an aficionado or anything.
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and what not

and other similar things. informal
1992 Nalinaksha Bhattacharya Hem & Football Has anyone ever seen such a selfish daughter? Gorging herself on eggs, milk and what not while others in the house don't even get two square meals?
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and ˈwhat not


and what ˈhave you

(informal) and other similar things: The store sells nails, screws, hammers and what not.
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After facing raids, arrests, media trial, and whatnot in the wake of a New York Times investigative report that pinned a global fake diploma scam on it, the beleaguered IT firm Axact has also been alleged to have a stake in money-laundering, Hundi, and Hawala business.
Many Brits made their money running estates, plantations and whatnot all over the Empire and then might come back to Blighty to live.
Summary: In fantasy novels, communities of evil demihumans, like orcs or goblins, have a leader – a chieftain or a king or whatnot.
To win the nationals is a big thing and it's something that doesn't come around that often; courses changing, courses suiting you and whatnot.
If forced to shoot at deer, antelope, sheep, or whatnot past 500 yards, the 26 Nosier would absolutely be my cartridge of choice.
Pedestrians can avoid cars and vehicular whatnot - cars are big and loud enough to notice, especially when one is hurtling towards you.
Add commissions and upkeep, schooling and whatnot, you would imagine that when handing over a clearly talented and winning pointer the owners would be entitled to a little more.
While The Whatnot stands alone as a fast-paced and steam punk-infused fantasy adventure, readers of The Peculiar will find it especially thrilling.
They have pie charts on them showing how our estate is growing and whatnot.
Seth told reporters: "I've set myself up for the hardest job in the world because the fans of 'Family Guy' and 'Ted' and the shows and whatnot that I do are expecting one thing.
I haven't spent that much time with the women but I obviously see them around, in the gym, whatnot.
The second feature from writer-director Ric Klass (his first in 22 years) traces a rudderless, suicidal youth's unconvincing road to recovery via an awkward mix of farce, drama, romance and whatnot.
I've been out of the side due to injuries and whatnot, and the other boys have been doing really well.
It will take a bit of time to get the consistency and whatnot, but she's got very easy power and great timing," he said.