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what(ever) will be, will be

Let whatever was meant or fated to happen come to pass; there is no use in regretting or resisting what one cannot control. I'm really hoping that I get this job, but whatever will be, will be. I'm afraid there's no more the doctors can do for your wife. At this point, what will be, will be.
See also: will

whatever it takes

Anything necessary to complete a task or goal, usually with a sense of reckless abandon. I will do whatever it takes to get this promotion—even making sure that co-workers' blunders get back to the boss. Their team is more skilled than ours, so we'll have to do whatever it takes to win this game.
See also: take, whatever

what must be, must be

Whatever is meant or predestined to happen will happen; there is no use in regretting or resisting what one cannot control. I'm really hoping that I get this job, but what must be, must be.
See also: must, what

what (one) says goes

One has the ultimate authority among a particular group; you must do what one says. I don't care what your supervisor said. I'm the boss here, so what I say goes. I'm leaving Jane in charge, so what she says goes, OK?
See also: goes, say, what

whatever floats (one's) boat

Whatever makes one happy; whatever interests or excites (one). Most often heard as "whatever floats your boat." A: "What do you want for dinner?" B: "Whatever floats your boat, I'm not even hungry." Katelyn does whatever floats her boat without worrying about what other people think of her.
See also: boat, float, whatever

whatever turns (one) on

Whatever excites, interests, or is pleasurable to one (is acceptable). The phrase alludes to sexual arousal, and so is often intended to be somewhat humorous when used in a more general way. It is sometimes used as a sarcastic comment implying that one's interest is unusual. A: "Do you mind if we listen to some jazz?" B: "Sure, whatever turns you on." A: "I know it's weird, but I really love to lick the butter wrapper." B: "Whatever turns you on, Haley!"
See also: on, turn, whatever

whatever (one) says goes

One has the ultimate authority among a particular group; you must do what one says. I don't care whatever your supervisor said. I'm the boss here, so whatever I say goes. I'm leaving Jane in charge, so whatever she says goes, OK?
See also: goes, say, whatever

whatever you do

Do anything else except for the thing specified. Used to warn someone not to do something lest they incur negative consequences. Well, whatever you do, don't tell Mom about your plan or she'll freak out! Just don't let the boss find out, whatever you do.
See also: whatever

whatever you say

I accept what you say, and I'm not going to argue with you. Usually implies that one doesn't really agree with the other person, but is going to do it to avoid a conflict. A: "Don't worry about the auditors, just run the numbers like I told you." B: "OK, whatever you say, boss." A: "I told you, my parents let me borrow the car whenever I want." B: "Whatever you say."
See also: say, whatever

for whatever it's worth

Whether or not it's significant or useful. Said of a statement that one acknowledges may not be considered helpful by the listener. For whatever it's worth, I think you should confront your boss if you're unhappy with how he's treating you.
See also: whatever, worth

or whatever

A flippant way of indicating something else similar to what was mentioned. Yeah, I'm sure there will be security or whatever there, but it should still be easy enough to sneak in some booze. There are cool clubs and bars or whatever in the main cities, but if you want to see the really interesting stuff, you need to get out into the countryside.
See also: whatever

Whatever happened to (someone or something)?

A phrase used to ask about someone or something that one has not seen or spoken to recently. Whatever happened to Bill Collins? Do you remember him? He was such a nice guy. A: "Whatever happened to fanny packs?" B: "Oh, you'll start seeing them again—they're back in style apparently." Hey Mom, whatever happened to my Moon Shoes? I hope you didn't throw them out!
See also: happen, whatever

What must be, must be.

 and What(ever) will be, will be.
Prov. If something is fated to happen, you cannot stop it from happening.; You cannot foretell the future. Harry hoped for many months that he would regain the use of his legs after the accident, but it soon became apparent that he would not. "What must be, must be," he thought resignedly. I'd like to win the contest, but I can't be sure that I will. What will be, will be. The doctors have done all they can. Whatever will be, will be.
See also: must, what

Whatever turns you on.

1. Inf. Whatever pleases or excites you is okay. Mary: Do you mind if I buy some of these flowers? Bill: Whatever turns you on. Mary: I just love to hear a raucous saxophone play some smooth jazz. Bob: Whatever turns you on, baby.
2. . Inf. a comment implying that it is strange to get so excited about something. (Essentially sarcastic.) Bob: I just go wild whenever I see pink gloves on a woman. I don't understand it. Bill: Whatever turns you on. Jane: You see, I never told anybody this, but whenever I see snow falling, I just go sort of mushy inside. Sue: Weird, Jane, weird. But, whatever turns you on.
See also: on, turn, whatever

for all one is worth

1. To the utmost of one's power or ability, as in Coming onto the homestretch she ran for all she was worth. [Second half of 1800s]
2. for all or for what it's worth ; for whatever it's worth. Even though it may not be important or valuable. For example, Here's my opinion, for what it's worth, or For whatever it's worth I've decided to take the train. [Late 1800s]
See also: all, one, worth

or whatever

Whatnot, or any other thing that might be mentioned, as in They've stocked wine, beer, soda, or whatever, or You can stay or leave, or whatever. [Early 1900s]
See also: whatever

whatever you ˈsay

(spoken) used to agree to somebody’s suggestion because you do not want to argue: ‘Just do it now!’ ‘Whatever you say.’
See also: say, whatever

what/whatever somebody says, ˈgoes

(informal, often humorous) when a particular person in authority gives an order, this order must be obeyed: Sarah wanted the kitchen painted green, and whatever she says, goes.Don’t argue with me. I’m the boss here and what I say goes.
See also: goes, somebody, what, whatever

or whatˈever

(spoken) or something of a similar type: It’s the same in any situation: in a prison, hospital or whatever.
See also: whatever

whatˈever you do

used to warn somebody not to do something under any circumstances: Don’t tell Paul, whatever you do!
See also: whatever


mod. I don’t care; it doesn’t matter which choice; whatever you want. Q: I have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, kiwi, and lime. Which do you want? A: Oh, whatever.

whatever turns you on

and whatever floats your boat
tv. whatever excites you or interests you. (Main entry was said originally about sexual matters.) I can’t stand that kind of music, but whatever turns you on. Ketchup on hot dogs! Yuck! But whatever floats your boat.
See also: on, turn, whatever

whatever floats your boat

See also: boat, float, whatever


In any case; anything goes; as you wish. One of the most recent additions to clichédom, this adverb is used very loosely. David Rosenfelt has it in a character’s conversation with a waitress: “‘. . . I can remember a time when the bananas and walnuts would have been inside the pancakes.’ ‘Whatever,’ she says, demonstrating a disregard for cultural history. ‘You want coffee?’ ‘Not until after the Olympics,’ I say. ‘Whatever.’” (Bury the Lead, 2004). Uttering “whatever” can be irksome, and even incendiary, as well as nonchalant. A New Yorker piece by Nick Paumgarten (July 11 and 18, 2005) reports that actor Russell Crowe, who assaulted a hotel clerk for failing to help him place a telephone call to Australia, did so after the clerk, responding to a threat, replied “Whatever.” The 1995 film Clueless, about Beverly Hills teenagers of the 1990s, popularized the “whatever” gesture, made with holding up the thumb and forefinger of both hands to form the letter W. Perhaps the most chilling use of the word came at the court martial of Private First Class Lynndie R. England, who told the judge that when pressed to join in the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, she responded “OK. Whatever” (quoted by James Carroll, Boston Globe, May 10, 2005). See also the quotation under twenty-four/seven.
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