what the hell

what the hell

1. An exclamation used to emphasize surprise, shock, anger, disgust, etc. In this phrase, "the hell" is used as an intensifier. What the hell are you doing? You can't come in here! What the hell? I just had this fixed, and now there's a dent in it! Just what the hell is going on here?
2. Why not; one might as well; it makes no difference anyway. A: "Do you think we can add some extra effects to this scene?" B: "Sure, what the hell." Let's see, I'll take a gallon of milk, a carton of eggs, a loaf of bread, and… what the hell, one of those bouquets of flowers, too.
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What (in) the hell?

1. Inf. What has happened?; What? What in the hell? Who did this? What the hell happened here?
2. Inf. What does it matter? Why not? (Usually with the force of an exclamation.) Give her a new one. What the hell! Don't be such a cheapskate. Get the nice one. What the hell!
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what the hell

1. It's not important, who cares, as in It cost a lot more, but what the hell, we can afford it. [Second half of 1800s] Also see what of it.
2. An intensive of what, as in What the hell do you think you're doing? [First half of 1800s] Also see under on earth.
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what the ˈhell!

(spoken) it doesn’t matter; I don’t care: ‘Do you want a cigarette?’ ‘No, thanks, I’ve given up. Oh, what the hell! Yes, I will have one, after all.’(Some people find this use offensive.)
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What the hell?

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We casually use the term as a woof, as in "What the hell's going on?" Or as a description, like "You won't know what hell is till you get married." But religionists regard Hell as the most dreadful of all things to imagine.
But I'm grown-up and can say: "What the Hell?" Instilling fear in young minds is a form of child abuse.
* Find someone we can trust who can decipher what the hell Sharpton is talking about.
She'll come and visit you Wednesday." What the hell is that girl talking about?
It was gonna be a weird one, but what the hell. It wound up that the person who was supposed to cover his shift never showed and he couldn't make it--perhaps it was for the best.