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Now in an unabridged audiobook version, Mark Hyman, MD (director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine) presents Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?, a close study of food that focuses on evidence-based nutrition--what modern science and nutritional studies tell us about different food groups, and how to select a diet ideal for maintaining optimal weight and good health.
What the Heck? Basye has created a fourth circle of Heck.
Bush used it, you may recall, in praising the efforts of the head of FEMA after Hurricane Katrina: "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie." But what the heck does heck mean?
I've got one of those "what the heck is happening" questions concerning the battery compartment on the AN/PVS14 night vision device (NVD).
So, what the heck is happening with the single battery compartment for the AN/PVS-14?
Recently, I bought nopales (prickly pear cactus) from a corner vendor and didn't know what the heck to do with them.
The four-page brochure, Bearing Isolators 101: What the Heck is a Bearing Isolator?, is designed to inform end users how bearing isolators eliminate the root cause of rotating and related equipment failure--moisture, dirt, and abrasives contaminating the bearing environment.
AH, POP STARS--sometimes we think we've got them figured out, sometimes we just don't know what the heck's going on.
"A voice boomed throughout the ship: 'All hands, man your battle stations!' What the heck was this?
"What the heck are they doing over there?" you wonder.
But what the heck, the guys who study planets will be happy."
But seldom, if ever, have I heard anyone ask the speaker or author espousing the idea the most basic question: "What the heck are you talking about?"
Well, I asked myself, "What the heck are they talking about?" And, without consulting a business consultant, I began to collect information on reengineering.