What price (something)?

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What price (something)?

A question indicating one's doubt that an achievement is or was worth the cost in terms of the problems it has led to or the sacrifices that it required. Most commonly seen in the phrase "What price fame?" When you have to have a security detail just to go to the grocery store, you have to ask: What price fame? What price wealth, when you sell out everything you believe in along the way?
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What price something?

What is the value of something?; What good is something? (Said when the value of the thing referred to is being diminished or ignored.) Jane's best friend told us all about Jane's personal problems. What price friendship? Jack simply declared himself president of the political society. What price democracy?
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what price —?

1 used to ask what has become of something or to suggest that something has or would become worthless. 2 used to state that something seems unlikely.
1 1991 New Scientist What price modern medicine with its reliance on the prescription pad, and the slavish devotion to pills?
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what price...?

(British English, spoken)
1 used to say that you think that something you have achieved may not be worth all the problems and difficulties it causes: What price fame and fortune?
2 used to say that something seems unlikely: What price England winning the World Cup?
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What price fame and fortune if we let these momentary 'fireflies' glitter-unseen and unappreciated.
No rider with even a scintilla of intelligence will risk exceeding the guidelines in a Beverley claimer, but what price fame everlasting, or the apotheosis of a jockey's career?
Whether or not he finds the answer regarding what price fame carries is of minor importance.
However, the zero-sum fame theory is not shared by Tyler Cowen in What Price Fame.
In What Price Fame, Tyler Cowen does an admirable job of answering questions such as why fame and merit are frequently separated or what principles govern who becomes famous and what the implications are of modern fame for one's creativity, privacy, and morality.