what (one) is driving at

(redirected from what he is driving at)

what (one) is driving at

The point one is trying to make. He's been talking for 10 minutes, and I still can't figure out what he is driving at. Is there a point? What I'm driving at, ladies and gentleman, is that the time for action is now.
See also: driving, what

what someone is driving at

the point that someone is attempting to make.
1986 Robert Sproat Stunning the Punters Martin is always saying things where I can't see what he's driving at.
See also: driving, someone, what

what somebody is ˈdriving at

the thing somebody is trying to say: What are you driving at? Try to explain what you mean more clearly.I wish I knew what they were really driving at.
See also: driving, somebody, what
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