what else is new

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what else is new

What was just mentioned is not new or noteworthy. Often said as a statement rather than a question. A: "Upper management is totally derailing our project with their interference." B: "Yeah, what else is new. They're always meddling with our work." A: "How's everything going over there?" B: " Fine. The kids have been at each other's throats all morning, but what else is new?"
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(so) what else is new

Inf. This isn't new. It has happened before; Not this again. Mary: Taxes are going up again. Bob: So what else is new? John: Gee, my pants are getting tight. Maybe I'm putting on a little weight. Sally: What else is new?
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What else is new?

interrog. But isn’t that what you expect?; What you said isn’t new, so what is new? So, there’s not enough money this week. What else is new?
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