what about

what about (having) something

Inf. Would you like to have something? What about having another drink? What about another drink?
See also: what

what about

1. Would you like, as in What about another beer? or What about a game of bridge?
2. What do you think of, as in So what about renting that white house on the corner?
3. Why, concerning what, as in I need your frank opinion.-What about?
4. what about it? What should we do, what course of action should be taken. For example, We're supposed to be there at noon and bring two sandwiches each-now what about it? [First half of 1900s] Also see how about.
See also: what

how/what about...?

1 used when asking for information about somebody/something: How about Ruth? Have you heard from her?I’m having fish. What about you?
2 used to make a suggestion or offer: How about going for a walk?You look cold. How about a nice hot drink?
3 used for introducing somebody/something into a conversation or reminding somebody of somebody/something: I know she’s very happy now, but what about him?‘I’ve never been to Spain before.’ ‘What about the conference you went to in Madrid?’
See also: how, what