what's your game?

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What's (someone's) game?

What is someone's agenda? What is someone's ulterior motive? I can't figure out why Janet is suddenly volunteering for the position she said she would never do. What's her game? Why are you trying to date my sister? What's your game?

what's your (or the) game?

what's going on?; what are you up to? informal

what’s somebody’s/your ˈgame?

(British English, spoken) used to ask why somebody is behaving as they are: Dan’s looking very nervous. Why? What’s his game?
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Eventually a warden did show up - but it was the driver and the only action he took was to scowl at our photographer and shout: "Oi, what's your game?"
"It's about when you start seeing someone and you're like 'what's your game?' I know you know what I mean."