What's with (someone)?

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What's with (someone)?

Why is someone so upset or acting in such an unusual way? What's with Jeff? He just screamed at me and stormed out of the room. I wonder what's with Sarah—she's been avoiding me for days now.

What's with someone or something?

Why is someone or something in that condition?; What's going on with someone or something? Mary: What's with Tom? He looks depressed. Bill: He broke up with Sally. "What's with this stupid coffee maker? It won't get hot!" groused Alice.

what’s with somebody?

(American English, spoken) used to ask why somebody is behaving in a strange way: What’s with you? You haven’t said a single word all morning.

What’s with someone/something?

interrog. What is wrong with someone or something? What’s with this can opener? It won’t turn.
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