What's (up) with (something)?

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What's (up) with (something)?

1. What is the meaning or purpose of the something; why is something happening or the case? What's with these tiny portions? For how much the food costs, I was expecting to get a bit more on the plate. We've been waiting to hear what's up company's new expansion plan.
2. What is wrong with something? Hey, what's with your computer? The screen just keeps flashing when I turn it on.

What's with someone or something?

Why is someone or something in that condition?; What's going on with someone or something? Mary: What's with Tom? He looks depressed. Bill: He broke up with Sally. "What's with this stupid coffee maker? It won't get hot!" groused Alice.

what’s with something?

(American English, spoken) used to ask the reason for something: What’s with all this walking? Can’t we take a cab?

What’s with someone/something?

interrog. What is wrong with someone or something? What’s with this can opener? It won’t turn.
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