what are the odds

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what are the odds

1. How likely do you think it is that (something will happen or something is the case)? That new intern is a nightmare. What are the odds she screws up another order? I hear we're supposed to get over two feet of snow. What are the odds of them canceling school tomorrow, do you reckon?
2. That is or was incredible; that is or was extremely unlikely. Wow, I just won money on a scratch card for the third time in a row! What are the odds? And then it turned out that our dads sat next to each other in a class in college. What are the odds?
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what's the odds?

what does it matter? informal
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what’s the ˈodds?

(British English, informal) what difference does it make?; what does it matter?: Work this weekend or next weekend? What’s the odds? You get the same money.
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References in classic literature ?
But what's the odds? The gold is there, and WE'RE bound to get it."
"Well, I reckon it's about the blessed same to me, shipmate," he replied; "so it's strong, and plenty of it, what's the odds?"
Not that I care for his opinion - but what's the odds? I want to read you what I've been doing to-day.
What's the odds, brother, whether it's a lamp-post to-night, or a feather- bed ten year to come, eh?'
"You've got to take it, whether you take it fightin' or take it lyin' down, so what's the odds whether you acquiesce or not?
What's the odds that after the game Stam blames the fans, talks about Stevenages qualities and how it's tough place to go...
Val Turner It will only be beneficial and an incentive if the daily parking charges are really cheap - what's the odds of that?
If you're in need of refreshment what's the odds you slip into Mint Hobo the new coffee house on Yarm High Street?
He explains: "I said, with all due respect I've got to be told straight here, what's the odds of me dropping down dead on stage because I don't want to do that - it would be embarrassing!" So what can audiences expect at the Liverpool Empire, St Helens Theatre Royal and the New Brighton Floral Pavilion?
While the Eric's torch may have been passed to a new generation recently, what's the odds Broudie's the man to be producing the new generation?
So you tell me, what's the odds against me going down 842 million chimneys without getting a poker across my bonce or a backside full of buckshot?
So what's the odds on these talking shops actually achieving anything their employers don't approve of?
However, what's the odds on Henchoz surprisingly starting against Owen and scoring a goal?
"I was told to take antibiotics, I asked what's the odds of it being something sinister.
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