What's the damage?

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What's the damage?

What is the price or cost? This dress is gorgeous, but I don't want to try it on until I find out how much it costs. Excuse me, sir, what's the damage? Looks expensive. What was the damage, if you don't mind my asking?

What's the damage?

Sl. What are the charges?; How much is the bill? Bill: That was delicious. Waiter, what's the damage? Waiter: I'll get the check, sir. Waiter: Your check sir. Tom: Thanks. Bill: What's the damage, Tom? Let me pay my share. Tom: Nonsense, I'll get it. Bill: Okay this time, but I owe you one.

what's the damage?

used to ask the cost of something. informal

what’s the ˈdamage?

(British English, informal) how much do I need to pay you?: Thanks for repairing the cooker. What’s the damage?
References in classic literature ?
Well, now, my good fellow, what's the damage, as they say in Kentucky; in short, what's to be paid out for this business?
What's the damage from the whole cheddar & mushroom burger?
So, what's the damage on your wallet for this bike for all- comers and all seasons?
There's nothing better than porridge on a chilly morn - but what's the damage to your waistline?
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