what's his face

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what's his/her face

A phrase used to refer to someone whose name the speaker cannot or does not remember. And then what's his face showed up at the party and ruined the whole thing!
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what's his face

 and what's his name
Sl. someone whose name has been forgotten; someone whose name is being avoided. Was what's his name there? I never can remember his name. I can't remember what's his face's name either.
See also: face

ˈwhat’s his/her face

(spoken) used to refer to a person whose name you cannot remember: Are you still working for what’s her face?
See also: face
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"Weird Girl and What's His Name" will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to school and community library collections.
Meagan Brothers; WEIRD GIRL AND WHAT'S HIS NAME; Three Rooms Press (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 16.95 ISBN: 9781941110270
Hell, from what I hear the women-folk are even takin' over all the science and engineering jobs and makin' the top man, what's his name, Summers, skedaddle.
I am offended by the cartoon on page 10 of your March/April issue that shows a gravestone with the words "What's his name who was riding with her." A larger gravestone beside it has the words "Here lies Amelia Earhart, beloved American aviatrix, crashed her plane on this island." Of course, if cartoonist R.
Few resignations could have been more ill-timed that Crispin's (what's his name?) decision to bail out of the Shadow Cabinet on the day of the local elections.
what's his name? I didn't win, which is really funny." It is, Arnie, it is.