what's his face

what's his/her face

A phrase used to refer to someone whose name the speaker cannot or does not remember. And then what's his face showed up at the party and ruined the whole thing!
See also: face

what's his face

 and what's his name
Sl. someone whose name has been forgotten; someone whose name is being avoided. Was what's his name there? I never can remember his name. I can't remember what's his face's name either.
See also: face

ˈwhat’s his/her face

(spoken) used to refer to a person whose name you cannot remember: Are you still working for what’s her face?
See also: face
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I am sure you've heard about that deal made between Obama and what's his face who miserably ruled Egypt for a year.
AVOID using popular cliches like, "Get off my case." Or saying to mixed company, "You guys." Also avoid using the expression "What's his face" instead of "What's his name."
What about the bloke who always scores against us, Pablo what's his face? Counago and he's only put three past City, all in the last two seasons at Portman Road.
The actor said: "It's highly unlikely, because since I walked off that set in 1996, no one's ever called me, I've never met these people, I've never been down to Cardiff and met what's his face, Russell T Davies."
Sportscene commentator Paul what's his face, said: "It's Wiese's first time in Scotland and you get the feeling he won't be back in a hurry."
Longleat has been turned into Memory Manor for the occasion and it's presented by that bloke - what's his face off the telly.
A project called What's His Face, developed by the Education Section of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (AGNS) in Halifax, posed students with just that challenge - finding the person behind the face.