What's eating (someone)?

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What's eating (someone)?

What's bothering someone? Why is someone in a bad mood? What's eating Terry today? I asked him how his weekend was and he just glared at me. I've never seen her act that way before. What's eating her?
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What's eating someone?

Inf. Fig. What is bothering someone? Tom: Go away! Bob: Gee, Tom, what's eating you? Bill: Tom's so grouchy lately. What's eating him? Bob: Beats me!

what's eating you

Also, what's bugging you. What is annoying or bothering you? For example, We've conceded just about every point, so what's eating you now? or You're in a terrible mood-what's bugging you? The first slangy term, dating from the late 1800s, presumably uses eat in the sense of "consume"; the colloquial variant, from about 1940, uses bug in the sense of "annoy." Also see what's with.
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what's eating someone

People ask what's eating someone, when they want to know why that person seems to be unhappy or angry. `What the hell's eating you?' he demanded.
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what's eating you (or him or her)?

what is worrying or annoying you (or him or her)? informal
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what’s ˈeating somebody?

(spoken) used to ask why somebody is worried, unhappy, etc: You seem a bit quiet today. What’s eating you?
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"What's eating him?" the timekeeper grunted as he turned again to his ledgers.
Coleen says WHAT'S eating him up is the guilt of cheating on someone so lovely who is willing to forgive and forget.
Now I see what's eating him. As a clerical officer in the Department of Work & Pensions, he had to send Giros to people who had more money than himself, which must have consumed him with envy.
But Monty has revealed what's eating him when his time bomb temper threatens to explode at anyone foolish enough to seek an autograph or, God forbid, a quote.
Then when Gary steps in demanding to know what's eating him, it looks as if Jason is about to reveal what's happened with his fiancee!