What's eating (someone)?

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What's eating (someone)?

What's bothering someone? Why is someone in a bad mood? What's eating Terry today? I asked him how his weekend was and he just glared at me. I've never seen her act that way before. What's eating her?
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What's eating someone?

Inf. Fig. What is bothering someone? Tom: Go away! Bob: Gee, Tom, what's eating you? Bill: Tom's so grouchy lately. What's eating him? Bob: Beats me!
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what's eating you

Also, what's bugging you. What is annoying or bothering you? For example, We've conceded just about every point, so what's eating you now? or You're in a terrible mood-what's bugging you? The first slangy term, dating from the late 1800s, presumably uses eat in the sense of "consume"; the colloquial variant, from about 1940, uses bug in the sense of "annoy." Also see what's with.
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what's eating someone

People ask what's eating someone, when they want to know why that person seems to be unhappy or angry. `What the hell's eating you?' he demanded.
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what's eating you (or him or her)?

what is worrying or annoying you (or him or her)? informal
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what’s ˈeating somebody?

(spoken) used to ask why somebody is worried, unhappy, etc: You seem a bit quiet today. What’s eating you?
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