What'll it be?

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What'll it be?

What (food or drink) would you like to order? A: "Hi folks, sorry for the wait. What'll it be?" B: "I'll have the steak, please, and he'll have the burger." A: "Hey Tony, good to see you. What'll it be?" B: "Just the usual for me, Tom." A: "Whiskey and ginger ale, coming right up."

What'll it be?

 and Name your poison.; What'll you have?; What's yours?
Inf. What do you want to drink?; What do you want?; How can I serve you? (Typically said by a bartender or bar waiter or waitress.) Tom: What'll it be, friend? Bill: I'll just have a ginger ale, if you don't mind. Waitress: What'll you have? Bob: Nothing, thanks.

What’ll it be?

interrog. What do you want. (see also What’s yours?.) Okay, Mac, what’ll it be?

What’s yours?

interrog. What (or which) do you want? (see also What’ll it be?.) “What’s yours?” said the bartender.
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