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double whammy

A situation in which two negative things happen at the same time or in rapid succession. Jack suffered a double whammy when his car broke down the same day he lost his job.
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put the whammy on

To curse someone. A "whammy" is an evil spell typically bestowed upon one's enemies. I think my ex-girlfriend put the whammy on me or something because I can't get a date anymore. My favorite team is playing for the championship, so I put the whammy on their opponents.
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a double ˈwhammy

(informal) two unpleasant situations or events that happen at the same time and cause problems for somebody/something: With this government we’ve had a double whammy of tax increases and benefit cuts.This phrase comes from the 1950s American cartoon L’il Abner. One of the characters could shoot a whammy (= use magic power to make something bad happen to somebody) by pointing a finger with one eye open, or a double whammy with both eyes open.
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double whammy

(ˈdəblæ ˈʍæmi)
n. a double portion of something, especially something troublesome. (From Li’l Abner, a comic strip by Al Capp.) This morning was bad, but this afternoon the boss gave us a double whammy.
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triple whammy

(ˈtrɪplæ ˈʍæmi)
n. a powerful treatment; a powerful shock. The market crash, the trade figures, and the death of the secretary of defense was a powerful triple whammy in Washington politics this week.
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Whammy refers to the evil eye, jinx, bad luck or misfortune.
Double Whammy Limited: The Double Whammy Limited offers skiing and riding at Northstar all season long with 10 restricted dates and unlimited, unrestricted skiing at Sierra at $519 for adults and $299 for teens.
According to Jason, then, the first whammy was when he won the Colne Valley seat.
A triple whammy of stricter federal safety regulations, handicap accessibility mandates, and injury lawsuits gradually removes swing sets from the nation's playgrounds.
So it was that 'triple whammy,' which is affecting everyone, that pushed [Centennial] over the edge.
Mother Nature played rough with apple harvests on the East Coast this year, where a triple weather whammy of mild winter, frosty spring, and droughty summer combined to give Virginia its worst fall apple harvest in 20 years, according to the Washington Post.
Perhaps due to faith poorly placed, or possibly ignorance, the Word Squad in NY waved double whammy right through the check-out lane and out into the general populace.
A dip in the economy is hard on everyone, but for higher education, hard times are aggravated by a kind of triple whammy of financial need: When the economy dips, more parents and students are out of work, and more investments shrivel.
Carolyn Bright (front) who works for insurance, risk management & financial services group Bland Bankart has achieved a double whammy in her sport of in-line speed skating.
So looking at this triple whammy of age, size and maturity, my wife and I decided against kindergarten this year.
THE pukkah Royal Navy skipper whose wee boats ran out of fuel in the middle of a massive Nato exercise faced a real double whammy.
There is "a double whammy," Hu said, as "an online competitor will cannibalize your business" but in response, companies move offline business online and cut into their own business by offering online discounts.
Both of these artists use the human visage as a means to engage the photographic double whammy of mimetic accuracy and abstract flatness.
Finally, if you die with a large accumulation in your retirement plan, those assets could be hit with the dreaded "triple whammy," a combination of penalties and income and estate taxes that can consume more than 80 percent of your retirement savings.
People who have been convicted and have served time for a drug offense are thus subjected to a double whammy.