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double whammy

A situation in which two negative things happen at the same time or in rapid succession. Jack suffered a double whammy when his car broke down the same day he lost his job.
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put the whammy on

To curse someone. A "whammy" is an evil spell typically bestowed upon one's enemies. I think my ex-girlfriend put the whammy on me or something because I can't get a date anymore. My favorite team is playing for the championship, so I put the whammy on their opponents.
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triple whammy

A combination of three different elements, circumstances, or actions that results in a particularly powerful force, outcome, or effect. Deregulation of the financial sector, securitization of huge amounts of various debt, and fluctuating national interest rates formed a triple whammy that sent the stock market crashing.
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a double ˈwhammy

(informal) two unpleasant situations or events that happen at the same time and cause problems for somebody/something: With this government we’ve had a double whammy of tax increases and benefit cuts.This phrase comes from the 1950s American cartoon L’il Abner. One of the characters could shoot a whammy (= use magic power to make something bad happen to somebody) by pointing a finger with one eye open, or a double whammy with both eyes open.
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double whammy

(ˈdəblæ ˈʍæmi)
n. a double portion of something, especially something troublesome. (From Li’l Abner, a comic strip by Al Capp.) This morning was bad, but this afternoon the boss gave us a double whammy.
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triple whammy

(ˈtrɪplæ ˈʍæmi)
n. a powerful treatment; a powerful shock. The market crash, the trade figures, and the death of the secretary of defense was a powerful triple whammy in Washington politics this week.
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The third whammy that hit me was Donald Trump's victory.
Whammy refers to the evil eye, jinx, bad luck or misfortune.
Could this triple whammy that hit Japan occur in America?
Since its first recorded appearance nearly 70 years ago, a whammy has been a curse, a blow, a serious mistake or a disaster.
Tyrone, like Laois, can seal a double whammy of provincial titles with their minors in Ulster final action against Derry at Casement Park.
That's "a double whammy," says Clive Wilkinson, an ecologist at the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre in Townsville, Australia.
The prolific Jeffrey Dunne scored a triple whammy with three major sales in Connecticut this week.
Regulars are already pointing out that if the Gatwick Express were to go they would be hit by a double whammy.
Sick poultry are a double whammy for poverty-stricken Africans.
William Spriggs, chairman of the economics department at Howard University and a member of the BLACK ENTERPRISE Board of Economists, says reducing pension benefits is a double whammy for some workers because a number of unions had previously agreed to wage concessions in favor of greater retirement benefits.
Pollen's double whammy causes the often quick, intense allergic reaction seen in sensitized patients, explains lead author Istvan Boldogh, a molecular biologist at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.
The double whammy of lost lives and lost livelihood brings home the fact that poor countries are much more innately vulnerable to the shifting tides of tourism than the rich travelers who partake in it.
A triple whammy of stricter federal safety regulations, handicap accessibility mandates, and injury lawsuits gradually removes swing sets from the nation's playgrounds.