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whacked (out)

Sl. intoxicated. Gee, is he ever whacked! Dave was so whacked out he couldn't stand up.

whacked out

1. Tired out, exhausted, as in They were whacked out after that long flight. [Slang; mid-1900s]
2. Crazy, especially under the influence of drugs. For example, She looked whacked out when the police picked her up. [Slang; mid-1900s]
See also: out, whacked


and w(h)ack
1. mod. wild; silly. Bill was wacked as always and embarrassed us all.
2. Go to w(h)acked (out).

w(h)acked (out)

mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Dave was so whacked out he couldn’t stand up.
See also: out, whacked



whacked out

1. Exhausted.
2. Crazy.
3. Under the influence of a mind-altering drug.
See also: out, whacked
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His confessed assassin was alleged mob boss Dusan Spasojevic, prompting Balkans affairs analyst Nebojsa Malic to speculate that the late prime minister, who had ample mob connections of his own, "had a falling-out with his mobster pals, who then had him whacked.
It's not the right time to have people being whacked on the streets of New York,' said CBS Television President Leslie moonves.
Later, it was Kelly Buchberger, Bryan Smolinski and Andreas Lilja getting whacked on the knees.
The fight started when Roy ventured into the Kings creased and was whacked repeatedly by Potvin.
Grant: You'd have dinner with them and, after a few drinks, one would say, ``There's a moment in the movie where the guy gets whacked.
In other words, this guy needs to get whacked upside the head, bigtime.
Schexnayder patiently gathers the facts amid the chaos: A sobbing 11-year-old explains why he whacked his cousin on the head with an ashtray.
would be like the DEA special agent-in-charge in San Diego gets whacked.