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But don't whack off snippets indiscriminately; take advantage of this annual opportunity to prune for shape.
If someone would have told me in 1970 that 20 years later, men would put goop in their hair and whack off their sideburns and wear pink suspenders, I would have believed they had stolen I believe our field is now some, thing like 60 percent female, 35 percent male and 5 percent don't know.
Resort pro Alwyn kindly warned the hilly 9-hole course would "make you cry" but I was lulled into a sense of complacency by a decent whack off the first tee.
We were away at Bolton and I remember one of their players giving Trevor the most almighty whack off the ball.
It got really fast and you thought your head was going to whack off the roof
Mr Taberer, from Enfield, reckons: "At the end of the game, the jury should identify the lazy gits, report their views and let the clubs dock a big whack off their wages.