whack (one)

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whack (one)

1. To strike one very forcefully. He whacked me on the head for speaking out of turn. Stop swinging that tree branch around. You're going to whack someone with it if you're not careful!
2. slang To murder or arrange the murder of one. Used especially in relation to organized crime. The guy is such a psycho. He'd whack you just for looking at him the wrong way! The mob whacks anyone who testifies against them in court.
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whack something

up Sl. to chop something up. In about an hour, he had whacked the tree up into small logs. Have you whacked up the chicken for frying yet?
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wack someone

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and wack
1. tv. to strike someone or something. Larry reached down and wacked the dog across the snout.
2. n. a blow or hit (at someone or something). She landed a nasty wack on his thigh.
3. n. a drink of liquor. Take a whack of this stuff.
4. Go to w(h)acked.

whack someone

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