wet (oneself)

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wet (oneself)

1. Literally, to urinate while wearing one's clothing. I had to go to the bathroom so bad that I'd nearly wet myself by the time I made it home. Sarah has just finished potty training, but she still wets herself from time to time.
2. To laugh hysterically or uncontrollably. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) Raj's new boyfriend is hilarious, he had us wetting ourselves through the whole lunch!
3. To be extremely excited or giddy. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) Abigail and I were nearly wetting ourselves with excitement for the concert to start!
See also: wet

ˈwet yourself


wet your ˈpants/ˈknickers

(informal) accidentally urinate (= get rid of water from your body) in your underwear: I was laughing so much I almost wet myself!
See also: wet


1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. He’s been drinking since noon and is pretty wet.
2. mod. having to do with an area where is it legal to sell alcohol. (Compare this with dry.) Is it wet or dry in this county?
3. mod. feeble; in the manner of a nerd. Tom is totally wet. What a jerk.
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You'd spent all day practically wetting yourself with a mixture of excitement at the prize on offer and dread it was just a nasty wind-up.
Dentistry has come a long, long way since my childhood, when the surgeons were armed with something resembling and sounding like a Black and Decker and presented a boiled sweet if you refrained from squealing or wetting yourself in terror.
"You are not going to be concentrating on the task when you are concentrating on not wetting yourself," the West Midlands force's health and safety chief Bryan Higgins told the magazine.
More realistically perhaps scientist estimate many of us will now live until we are 120 which sounds great until you realise you'll spend the last 20 years of that wetting yourself.
Michael McIntyre, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle THERE's something really great about collectively wetting yourself with a roomful of companions in a claustrophobic space (obviously it has to be bigger than a lift, and there has to be a comedian involved).
It's no good wetting yourself over the fact that he can field a side with an average age of six-and-a-half at Portsmouth and watch them win 3-0 under serene, sunny skies, if three days later his best team are contemptuously brushed aside by Man United.
He's one of these "I'll put my hands on your shoulder and you'll stop wetting yourself" types.
More often than not you are tearing down the road screaming when you really want to be wetting yourself laughing."
Imagine living with the fear of wetting yourself every time you cough or laugh.
"Doing a good job at work," I explained, "is akin to wetting yourself in a dark suit.
Rather it leaves you to start wetting yourself at what you can't see and there is a lot in this to scare you.
It's a cut above `You don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps', but not a patch on my own favourite: `Doing a good job here is like wetting yourself in a dark suit-you get a nice warm feeling, but nobody else notices'.
MANY thousands of women suffer from what doctors call "mild urinary stress incontinence" - wetting yourself.
As long as you avoid sleeping in subways and wetting yourself.