wet (oneself)

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wet (oneself)

1. Literally, to urinate while wearing one's clothing. I had to go to the bathroom so bad that I'd nearly wet myself by the time I made it home. Sarah has just finished potty training, but she still wets herself from time to time.
2. To laugh hysterically or uncontrollably. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) Raj's new boyfriend is hilarious, he had us wetting ourselves through the whole lunch!
3. To be extremely excited or giddy. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) Abigail and I were nearly wetting ourselves with excitement for the concert to start!
See also: wet

ˈwet yourself


wet your ˈpants/ˈknickers

(informal) accidentally urinate (= get rid of water from your body) in your underwear: I was laughing so much I almost wet myself!
See also: wet


1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. He’s been drinking since noon and is pretty wet.
2. mod. having to do with an area where is it legal to sell alcohol. (Compare this with dry.) Is it wet or dry in this county?
3. mod. feeble; in the manner of a nerd. Tom is totally wet. What a jerk.
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I'd gone back to work, six months after having Charlie, but I was still wetting myself.
There was process, the thing took Robert Darby He said he underwent two spinal operations, which left him with bladder problems, leading to "leakage and wetting myself ".
The damage to my muscles meant I could no longer control my bladder and kept wetting myself, as a result I was too embarrassed to make love to my gorgeous husband Martin, an HGV driver.
Tranmere Rovers 2 Birmingham City 3 "I was absolutely wetting myself with excitement.
But I'm wetting myself at the thought of going back to EastEnders" Actor and TV adventurer Ross Kemp "Walking out of the door wearing heels and makeup was so hard.
Barry said that halfway down the back he thought about me standing in the stands absolutely wetting myself while he was having a lovely time.
I was wetting myself laughing but also thinking: "Oh God, here we go.
It wasn't the subject though, but the attitude of some of the Cork callers into the game which left me wetting myself.
I was wetting myself but the big man sat me down and explained that I deserved my chance and would do just fine.
I was so nervous because this is my first major event since the Olympics, and I was wetting myself before I jumped.
Now I feel a bit less guilty about wetting myself when Chezza murdered I Don't Care on the live shows last year.
Wetting myself in the local sweet shop in my Michael Jackson PJs.
ACCORDING to every media outlet on the planet, I am virtually wetting myself in anticipation of two rich people (whose wedding I helped pay for but did not get invited to) tying the knot on Friday.
Just three days to go till we can all see The Half Blood Prince - and how sad is it that I'm nearly wetting myself with excitement?
So if you're at Wakestock and you see me screaming in people's faces and wetting myself with a dummy in my mouth, then you'll know why