wet your whistle

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wet (one's) whistle

To have something to drink. I'm parched. I'm going to need to wet my whistle before we go on. If you're looking for Barney, he's down at the pub wetting his whistle.
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wet your whistle

If you wet your whistle, you have a drink, especially an alcoholic drink. There's a mouth-watering menu and an excellent selection of beers to wet your whistle. Note: `Whistle' is an old slang word for mouth or throat.
See also: wet, whistle
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wet your whistle

have a drink. informal
See also: wet, whistle
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wet your ˈwhistle

(old-fashioned, informal) have an alcoholic drink
See also: wet, whistle
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References in classic literature ?
'Now, I'll tell you what, young Copperfield,' said he: 'the wine shall be kept to wet your whistle when you are story-telling.'
There is a bar area that allows you wet your whistle with choice of some lovely Belgian beer or Welsh craft ale from the tiny rebel brewery from south wales.
Open from 7pm until 2am, wet your whistle by kick starting the evening with a cocktail on arrival followed by canapes throughout the night.
Delicious food will be on offer - and there'll even be a wee craft beer bar where you can wet your whistle between drams.
Byline: places to wet your whistle Daily Herald report
There are many food outlets where you can enjoy a burger or fish and chips, and plenty of bars where you can wet your whistle around the course.
REAL ALE A raft of new tipples and the return of a few old favourites are available to wet your whistle.
With culinary creations from different regions and some of the most respected chefs around-sample culinary creations or wet your whistle.
Here's our pick of the best breweries in and around Coventry where you can wet your whistle.
Well let me wet your whistle with a South Shields lass we call Seagull Girl.
So let me end this brief introduction to this issue with a small morsel from Logan to wet your whistle for what is to come: "Language and culture enable science and technology; whereas science and technology in turn enrich language and culture.
Wet your whistle at the UK's first underwater pub Read by 58,181 people Shared 13,866 times Just imagine it - supping a delicious frothy pint of beer deep underneath the waters of the Cardiff Bay lagoon.
One of the best is the lunch tour, where you'll eat a Bajan lunch outdoors and be supplied with rum punch to wet your whistle, while overlooking the Caribbean Sea.