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all quiet on the Western Front

Nothing is happening right now. The phrase originated during World War I in reference to the major site of trench warfare. A: "Have you heard back from any of the schools you applied to yet?" B: "Nope. All quiet on the Western Front."
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spaghetti western

A usually low-budget cowboy film set in the American West but filmed in a European country, especially Italy. A: "What kind of movie do you want to watch tonight?" B: "How about a spaghetti western?"
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Lest the invocation of "textuality" arouse post-structuralist euphoria, the surviving footage of a third Arizona Bill film amply cautions against ascribing zero-degree innocence or symbolic collapse to the visual mode of address that disrupts the narrative's westernness and its attendant ideological charge.
Portrayals of Muslim life in Clone exemplify the kinds of persistent, ill-informed, gendered and culturalized stereotypes that abound in contemporary media, particularly regarding westernness and easternness.
These innovative renderings of Westernness alone justify the recovery of these remarkable texts.
The novel's title is drawn from the name of the birthing establishment Pauline sent Lira to when her and Jim's son was born, a critique rooted in Pauline's new money Westernness, in her desire to make "babies something to be turned out in series like fords" and in her belief that "loveliness and poetry" are attributes of "advanced industrialism" (18).
To accentuate the Westernness of missionary Christianity, and to preserve, remember, or idealize the harmonious coexistence that had traditionally characterized relations between Muslims and indigenous Christians, one author suggests that the religion of the missionaries should be called salibiyya, "Crusaderism," rather than masihiyya, Christianity.
Through the mid-nineteenth century, white Missourians wore their Westernness on their proverbial sleeves.
The simultaneously harmonious and cacophonous registering of Africanness and Westernness highlights significant tensions between conflicting but nonetheless cooperative world views.
Rather, Japaneseness and Westernness are seen as commodified signs, consumed according to the tastes of each customer -- tastes which are, admittedly, shaped by Japan's arbiters of style.