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all quiet on the Western Front

Nothing is happening right now. The phrase originated during World War I in reference to the major site of trench warfare. A: "Have you heard back from any of the schools you applied to yet?" B: "Nope. All quiet on the Western Front."
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spaghetti western

A usually low-budget cowboy film set in the American West but filmed in a European country, especially Italy. A: "What kind of movie do you want to watch tonight?" B: "How about a spaghetti western?"
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CT reported that Great Western shareholders representing 72.
One of Western Union's key strengths has always been its understanding of and focus on its consumers," said Christina Gold, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Western Union Company.
Ahmanson said two other consent proposals also won approval from Great Western shareholders.
Establishing the joint venture has enabled Western Union to extend opening hours, merchandise and brand stores to increase visibility and focus on training employees solely on money transfer services.
Great Western, in a responding statement, claimed ``an overwhelming majority of Great Western stockholders have not consented.
Western Interiors & Design magazine is published bi-monthly by Western Interiors and Design, LLC.
The Great Western board is obviously afraid of creating a level playing field to assure that the best interests of its stockholders are served,'' the company said in a statement.
With the largest banking network in China, our ongoing relationship with Western Union allows us to continue providing fast and convenient money transfer services to our customers, contributing to the smooth flow of international funds, and to achieve a win-win result for customers, Western Union and ourselves," Madam Li said.
Washington Mutual and Great Western are a wonderful combination,'' said Rubens, a former Great Western executive.
With the addition of Western Union services, our customers will now have access to as many as 10 different financial products - all in one convenient location.
Western Union purchased Pago Facil (SEPSA) from its parent company, Sideco Americana, which in turn was founded by Groupo Macri.
We believe that Jeff's knowledge of the Colorado real estate lending marketplace, coupled with his expertise in negotiating, structuring and underwriting a range of commercial and real estate transactions, will prove valuable as we further build the United Western Bank franchise across the Front Range.
Western RV specializes in the design and manufacture of premium recreational vehicles for the Class A motor home, fifth wheel and truck camper segments of the RV industry.
The multi-year renewal extends Western Union's existing agreement with Publix, which offers Western Union Money Transfer services through its entire supermarket chain.
Our customers expect the best selection of top-quality foods, the best in customer service and now with the addition of Western Union services in our stores, consumers can send money or bill payments while they shop," added Morganthall.