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East is East and West is West (and never the twain shall meet)

Said of two things are too different to ever be agreeable or harmonious. The phrase comes from a Rudyard Kipling poem. If you learn young that East is East and West is West, you won't waste time trying to convert people to your views.
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East or West, home's best

Home is the best or most ideal place to be, regardless of its physical location. No matter how exhilarating my travels are, I'm always thrilled to come home. East or West, home's best.
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East, West, home's best

Home is the best or most ideal place to be, regardless of its physical location. No matter how exhilarating my travels are, I'm always thrilled to come home. East, West, home's best.

go west

1. Of a person, to die. When I go west, I don't want any elaborate funeral services in my honor, OK?
2. Of a machine, to stop working. Can you get a new coffee pot while you're at the mall? Ours has finally gone west.
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knock galley-west

slang To put into a state of chaos or unconsciousness. Primarily heard in US. I got knocked galley-west by that last punch—where am I? Any time my mother visits, my life gets knocked galley-west!
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out West

In the western part, portion, or region of a country. I'm going to spend Christmas out West with my parents. With the rents in Dublin getting so high, many people are seeking cheaper accommodation out West.
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East is East and West is West (and never the twain shall meet).

Prov. Two things are so different that they can never come together or agree. (From Rud-yard Kipling's poem, "The Ballad of East and West.") I had hoped that Andrew and I could be friends in spite of our political differences. But, in our case, I'm afraid that East is East and West is West.
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East, west, home's best.

 and East or west, home is best.
Prov. Home is the best place to be no matter where it is. You may think that traveling all the time is fun, but eventually you'll discover that east or west, home is best.

out West

in the western part of the United States. We lived out West for nearly ten years. Do they really ride horses out West?
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go west

Die, as in He declared he wasn't ready to go west just yet. This expression has been ascribed to a Native American legend that a dying man goes to meet the setting sun. However, it was first recorded in a poem of the early 1300s: "Women and many a willful man, As wind and water have gone west."
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go west

1. When someone goes west, they die. When he went west, he wanted to be remembered.
2. When something goes west, it stops existing or working. His hopes of a professional singing career went west long ago. Note: The sun `goes west' when it sinks below the horizon in the west at the end of the day. The comparison between going west and dying has been used in many different languages and cultures for many centuries. For example, people sometimes associate this expression with Native Americans, who used to say that a dying person went west to meet the sinking sun.
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go west

be killed or lost; meet with disaster. British informal
The image here is of the sun setting in the west at the end of the day.
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go West

in. to die. When I go West, I want flowers, hired mourners, and an enormous performance of Mozart’s “Requiem.”
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wild and woolly (West), the

The untamed, wide open western United States. The term dates from the late nineteenth century, popularized by a book title, Adair Welcker’s Tales of the “Wild and WoollyWest” (1891). A publisher’s note on the book said “wild and woolly” referred to the rough sheepskin coats worn by cowboys and farmers, but Franklin P. Adams said “wild, woolly and full of flies” was a cowboy’s expression for a genuine cowboy. Owen Wister’s The Virginian (1902) stated, “I’m wild, and woolly and full of fleas,” which was later picked up in the cowboy ditty, “Pecos Bill and the Wilful Coyote” (ca. 1932) by W. C. White: “Oh, I’m wild and woolly and full of fleas, Ain’t never been curried below the knees.”
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Our fishing, which proved excellent, carried us so far to the west that we no longer could see the Coldwater.
Now the Wicked Witch of the West had but one eye, yet that was as powerful as a telescope, and could see everywhere.
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