be none the wiser

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be none the wiser

1. To not be aware of something (typically because others have kept it a secret). I came in after curfew last night, but it's OK because I was so quiet that my parents are none the wiser.
2. To not understand something, even after receiving explanations and information about it. My tutor has explained the quadratic equation to me many times, but I'm still none the wiser.
See also: none, wiser

be none (or not any) the wiser

know no more than before.
See also: none, wiser

be none the ˈwiser/ˈno wiser


not be any the ˈwiser

1 not understand something, even after it has been explained to you: I’ve read the instructions, but I’m still none the wiser.
2 not know or find out about something bad that somebody has done: If you put the money back, no one will be any the wiser.
See also: no, none, wiser
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The beany hat completed the perfect disguise, and the Liverpool and Everton bosses were none the wiser.
Clients of Robson Brown, however, were none the wiser as the team donned wellies and rescued documents before fielding calls in a room well away from the flood.
David added: "We were none the wiser about what we were walking into back then.