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weep (one's) heart out

To weep copiously; to cry intensely and for a long time. Lauren wept her heart out at the news of her father's sudden death. What did you say to upset your brother? He's been weeping his heart out upstairs for the last half hour!
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weep millstones

Said hyperbolically of one who is deemed so cold and indifferent as to be unable to cry tears. I've never seen Claire show any emotion—in fact, she probably weeps millstones. Why didn't you comfort that poor little girl? Do you weep millstones?
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Sitting in the mud, a man wept over a picture of his wife Zinaida Tomayeva and their 10-year-old daughter, also called Zinaida.
As friends and family members of Aminov covered their faces and wept, Michael Shabtai recalled holding his dying friend in his arms after Thursday's shooting.
Mercer, dressed smartly in a black blouse and trousers, wept when she admitted the charge and struggled to say "Guilty".
Shaun Moore, who had denied a charge of dangerous driving, wept in the dock at Cardiff Crown Court as sentence was passed.
visited Marks, Mississippi in Quitman County and wept at the squalor he encountered on Cotton Row, a muddy, unpaved street in the town's black quarter.
SAN FERNANDO - The widow of a Newhall market manager wept Wednesday in a San Fernando courtroom as the trial began for the two men charged with killing her husband in a robbery at the store.
The four women who claimed Michael Wood molested them as youngsters wept as he was cleared by Falkirk Sheriff Court.
He explains his remarkable acceptance this way: "While the child was living, I fasted and wept, thinking, `Perhaps the Lord will grant me the child's life.
Teacher Louise Davies wept uncontrollably before a student was removed from her classroom and had to be escorted to a counseling room set up during the program.
Russell said: "I could have wept at the sight of Nasser being booed and ridiculed on the Oval pavilion balcony last Sunday.
It was for Lazarus that Christ wept, so he must have cherished that family.
Cher, 52, - married to singer-turned politician Sonny for 11 years - wept as she gave the eulogy at the service following his death in a freak skiing accident last year.
Jeen Han, 23, wept as the lengthy verdict against her was read in Orange County Superior Court.
But when the world's most powerful man wept in public, he was joining a formidable list from the historically stiff upper lip royals to the Iron Lady and sporting toughies.
Jae-Whoa Chung wept as he described how Kyung-Ja Chung's breathing grew raspy after he and two other men stood on her chest at the end of an hours-long exorcism to which the woman had consented.