go to it

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go (to) it

To act with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Primarily heard in UK. We need to go to it and march for justice!

go to (someone or something)

1. verb To visit someone or something. Do you want to go to the mall this afternoon? I'm going to Caitlin's house after school.
2. verb To talk about something, usually something problematic or troubling, with someone. I go to my mom with all my problems. If the salesman won't take your complaints seriously, go to a supervisor.
3. verb To be used toward or included as a component of something, often an outcome or result. I left them $20 to go to the check. Every assignment goes to your grade for the semester, you know.
4. verb To start some task or activity. If you're ready to mow the lawn, don't let me stop you—go to it.
5. adjective Describing one who is known to be helpful or reliable for a certain task or goal. When used as an adjective, the phrase is typically hyphenated. Shannon is my go-to person for event planning, so she will definitely be able to help you find a caterer.

go to it

To begin a task, endeavor, job, etc., promptly and vigorously. Go to it, then, and make sure you have the report finished before lunch! The team went to it at once, hoping to have preliminary results ready in a fortnight.

go to it

1. Lit. to start something actively; to do something with vigor. Time to play ball. Go to it! Let's go to it, you guys!
2. Inf. to fight. Come on, let's go to it! I'm gonna beat the daylights out of you!