go (one's) separate ways

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go (one's) separate ways

1. Literally, to go to different places after parting. Once we got back to the first floor, Phil and I went our separate ways to our respective offices.
2. To end a relationship. My boyfriend and I went our separate ways because he wanted to get married, and I didn't.
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go your separate ways

1 leave in a different direction from someone with whom you have just travelled or spent time. 2 end a romantic, professional, or other relationship.
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go your separate ˈways

(of two or more people) stop seeing each other socially, because you are living in different places, doing different jobs, etc: After school we went our separate ways.
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On leaving school, we both went separate ways and Pauline married quite young and went to live in Lichfield.
CRAIG BELLAMY and Graeme Souness finally went separate ways yesterday - and both could be forgiven for muttering 'good riddance'.
Their paths went separate ways until they converged again at the 1999 World Cup in Wales, leading to Ruddock, then coach of Leinster after domestic cup and league titles with Swansea, making Williams a job offer.
After their career fizzled out in 1965, the girls went separate ways.
The two went separate ways after the original Black and Blue closed, and by the time their paths crossed again, Edwards had not only learned to tap but had won the grand prize on Ed McMahon's Star Search as part of duo called Toe Jamm.
Boro manager Russell and Peer both came through the ranks at Birmingham City before their careers went separate ways.
Windermere 35, Sefton 17: Without five first teamers, Sefton and the Junior Knockout Cup went separate ways as the visitors faded late on.
Fujita has told investigators that after releasing the girl, the two went separate ways, according to the sources.
His links with Brentford cloud any move to return but he admitted: "Sam is virtually family, but on football we went separate ways long ago.