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I opposed him in Trading Post, firmly of the opinion that he would be short enough to lay without taking a huge hit in the pocket if things went pear-shaped.
Doc Martin, whose once glittering career as a surgeon went pear-shaped, opts for a calmer life as a GP, but immediately clashes with the locals in Portwenn, who dislike his gruff nature.
When I hit the bar in the first five minutes I thought `here we go', but mistakes happen and it went pear-shaped after that.
We have to play an expansive game and you have to chip, but sadly, the execution went pear-shaped in the first 10 minutes.
We wanted a second single and it all just went pear-shaped.
He said: "I did run an agency until it went pear-shaped.
The first half was not that bad, but it went pear-shaped when Eriksson made four substitutions at the interval and David James made an awful mistake for the first goal.
5 before his pilot got down to work, whereupon it all went pear-shaped.
It then went pear-shaped for Blues within three minutes.
But it all went pear-shaped for the embarrassed visitors after the Edinburgh side ran up a score of 289 for six.
But it very soon went pear-shaped for the Romanian striker.
LUKE Rodgers' big moment went pear-shaped when a hat-trick celebration brought him a second yellow card and his marching orders - as the Shrews rattled in seven against one of the best defences in Division Three.
Armstrong deserves a cup break considering his last potential glory day went pear-shaped.
The blonde minx, whose recent UK promotional tour went pear-shaped when she was stricken with flu, turned 22 on Tuesday.
The duo detested each other while they were in Hear'Say and things eventually went pear-shaped when Kym walked out on the now-defunct band 20 months ago, blaming Myleene for the rows.