go (someone's) way

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go (someone's) way

1. Literally, to move or travel in the same direction as someone else. I'm looking for a ride to Denver—are you going my way?
2. To proceed or unfold in a manner that is beneficial to someone or is in line with their plans or desires. If the court's decision goes our way, we can expect a payout of nearly $2 million. First, my car breaks down, then I lose the keys to my apartment—nothing's going my way today!
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go one's way

Also, go one's own way.
1. Do what one pleases, especially differing from what others are doing, as in You go your way and I'll go mine, or He always insisted on going his own way. This expression, dating from about 1400, originally alluded to moving on in a particular direction. It can still do so, as in The delivery truck went on its way. By the late 1500s it was also being used figuratively.
2. Proceed according to one's plans or wishes, as in Let's hope things will go my way this time. Applied to both events and people's actions, this thought is often expressed as everything's going one's way or going my way . For example, With her husband in charge, everything's going her way, or I trust you'll be going my way when we vote on this issue.
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go somebody’s ˈway

1 travel in the same direction as somebody: I’m going your way. Do you want a lift?
2 (of events) be favourable to somebody: Did you hear Alan got the job? It seems that things are going his way at last.
See also: way
References in classic literature ?
He left the pass-word unspoken; he went his way on his errand; he was followed on suspicion; and he was discovered to be only "a respectable person," charged with a message by the landlord of the Harp of Scotland Inn!