go down memory lane

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go down memory lane

To reminisce over memories of past events, especially happy ones. My grandmother spends more time going down memory lane these days than talking about the present. A: "How did your coffee date with John go?" B: "It was pretty amicable, actually. We went down memory lane for a while, and then we went our separate ways."
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go down/take somebody down ˌmemory ˈlane


take a trip down ˌmemory ˈlane

remember, or make somebody remember, pleasant things that happened a long time ago: Reading those letters took me down memory lane.We’ll be taking a trip down memory lane this evening when Mary Smithson talks about her 50 years in publishing.
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Also speaking, Mrs Anene's first daughter, Mrs Ifeyinwa Uzozie, went down memory lane on their ugly experiences without their mother and promised that they will take good care of her to make sure she enjoys her remaining years on earth.
Akram, who came to be known as the 'Sultan of Swing,' went down memory lane and said that another highlight was the win in the Chennai Test and he had fond memories of the sporting crowd that day.
Teenage girls cringed as Dad went down memory lane in the Sixties section, Other youngsters were flabbergasted by the early games consoles which plugged in to your TV so you could play ping-pong TOP TIP Buy sightseeing in black and white.
Now 64, Claiborne was in the capital for the International Conference of Sports for Women and she went down memory lane.
Dr Hariawala candidly went down memory lane and opined, "Going to acting school reminded me of Mithibai college days in 1976.
He did not recognize me but he was gracious, and went down memory lane with me.
Watson wrote in the Telegraph: "I went down memory lane in many senses.
Michael Learns to Rock, composed of Jascha Richter, Mikkel Lentz and Kare Wanscher, went down memory lane as they performed their hits, including "Sleeping Child," "25 Minutes," "The Actor," "Take Me To Your Heart," "Out Of The Blue," and "I'm Gonna Be Around.
THE father of young crash pilot Captain Ihsan Shakeeb, who died 12 years ago, went down memory lane yesterday as he remembered the incident that killed 143 people.
I got my own Merseybeat magazines out which are now bright yellow with age and I went down memory lane.
And I went down memory lane as I fell asleep in a twin bed for the night.
Among them was Rauha Nghifindaka of the Women and Child Protection Unit of the Namibian Police, who went down memory lane and told the gathering how she used to sell Sister Namibia magazines in the streets of Tsumeb when she was still at school.
Michael Davern, chief executive and general manager of the Straffan- based The Kildare Hotel, Spa & Country Club, popularly known as The K Club, went down memory lane at a recent dinner at the Irish Ambassador's residence in New Delhi.
The other half and I went down Memory Lane last night, recalling the woes and worries.
MORE than 555,000 people tuned into RTE1 on Tuesday night as a muchloved soap went down memory lane.