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The CPM state secretary accused the NSS of adopting an orthodox view towards women's role in society, stating that such a stance went counter to the examples laid down by NSS founder Mannath Padmanabhan who instilled modern values in the Nair community.
It went counter to the tension-escalating script that sees journalists focus on hard-line prayer sermons, anti-American demonstrations--dominated by government civil servants--and suicide-bomber registration drives, in which "bombers" register but don't carry out an operation.
All told, she went counter to custom and society's rules and regulations and in so doing became one of her nation's greatest novelists of the time, elevated to "the rank of the Immortals."
When two of Jacob's grandchildren moved to New York and became involved in Fourierian socialism, feminism, hydropathy, free love, and other activities, their southern relatives, Christian and Jewish alike, found them to be outrageously radical and dangerous because they went counter to their belief in middle-class respectability.
The Minneapolis City Council's decision went counter to recommendations from consultants hired by the city and from the Public Works and Finance departments, which recommended that Recycle America Alliance receive the contract in light of its offer to stabilize the price for newspapers and aluminum cans, its facility layout and its operational readiness.
"That's another thing that went counter to tradition," says Lake, who acted as Bassenian/Lagoni's principal architect on the show home.