go beyond (something)

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go beyond (something)

1. To physically move past a certain point. Kids, don't go beyond the stop sign at the end of the block!
2. To exceed the expectations, requirements, or limits of something. I will award extra credit to anyone who goes beyond the parameters of the assignment with their research. The report concluded that the governor had gone beyond the purview of her office in the way she handled the incident.
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go beyond someone or something

to pass ahead of someone or something. I went beyond the place where I should have turned off. Fred went beyond me a half block before he remembered who I was. Then he came back and said hello.
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go beyond something

1. Lit. to do more of something than the expected amount; to go further with something than was required. You clearly went beyond what was required of you. Sharon went beyond the basic requirements.
2. . Fig. to go past something or some place. We went beyond the town and lost our way. They went beyond the turnoff.
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References in classic literature ?
Already he had discovered that his brain went beyond Ruth's, just as it went beyond the brains of her brothers, or the brain of her father.
Mrs Sliderskew went beyond the seas at nearly the same time as Mr Squeers, and in the course of nature never returned.
The few times that his persecutions had moved him beyond control and made him fight back had cost him very dear at headquarters; not at the hands of Roxy, for if she ever went beyond scolding him sharply for "forgett'n' who his young marster was," she at least never extended her punishment beyond a box on the ear.
Miss Ophelia had just the capability of indignation that belongs to the thorough-paced housekeeper, and this had been pretty actively roused by the artifice and wastefulness of the child; in fact, many of my lady readers must own that they should have felt just so in her circumstances; but Marie's words went beyond her, and she felt less heat.
My father went beyond liberality and bordered on prodigality, a disposition by no means advantageous to a married man who has children to succeed to his name and position.
On December 6, the inbound visits received by Hainan International Tourism Island went beyond one million as UT725 Flight (Moscow - Sanya) landed at Sanya Phoenix International Airport, the company said.
17 issue went beyond the boundaries of journalistic criticism as it seeks to portray the implementation of a law based on the rights of women and individuals to achieve their sexual and reproductive health and rights with 'drug killings.'
Manila, Philippines - The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Monday said it impounded at least 30 public utility buses from Southern Luzon that went beyond the integrated terminal in Paranaque City.
Asked if what he did was self-defence he said: "I believe it went beyond self-defence."
Bourbaki's influence went beyond math and introduced the notions of structuralism to philosophy, psychology, economics, and, indirectly, anthropology.
Navy also presented a concept of operations that went beyond the DoD requirements.
Real life crimes were often considered too brutal to turn into films, so Hollywood modified the stories for screen and sensitive audiences, creating fictional couples, classic good/evil confrontations, and embellishments which went beyond reality.
About one in twenty queries used the feature "More Like This." Spink, Jansen, and Ozmultu (2000) found that one-third of Excite users went beyond the single query, with a smaller group using either query modification or relevance feedback or viewing more than the first page of results.
Then we were off, quite comfortably at first, until we went beyond 150mph, and the simulator began to move from side to side, with the gloved hands of the driver keeping us on our intended path.
While all of the facilities surveyed offered activities of daily living (ADL) assistance, 19% charged an additional fee for ADL assistance that went beyond the basic care level.