go (all) around the houses

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go (all) around the houses

To waste one's time and energy saying unimportant things before getting to one's point. Doc, please stop going around the houses and just tell me—how serious are Johnny's injuries?
See also: around, house

go round the houses


go all round the houses

If someone goes round the houses or goes all round the houses, they keep talking about unimportant things before they get to the thing they are meant to be talking about. After three minutes of going round the houses I had still failed to get a sense from him of whether he felt he'd done anything wrong. I really can't be bothered going all round the houses with you. This is the deal.
See also: house, round

go round (or all round) the houses

1 take a circuitous route to your destination. 2 take an unnecessarily long time to get to the point.
See also: house, round

go all round the ˈhouses

(British English, informal) do something or ask a question in a very complicated way instead of in a simple, direct way: If you want to ask her something, just ask her directly — there’s no need to go all round the houses!
See also: all, house, round
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They went around the houses asking had anyone seen what happened.
It went down to the wire, we went around the houses a few times because everyone wanted the best deal for their own countries.
And the scenes with the young lovers (Clare Corbett as feisty Grace and Laurence Mitchell as foppish Charles) went around the houses far too long, so much as to get irritating.
We went around the Houses of Parliament with Ramsay McDonald and Mr Baldwin.