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wend (one's) way

To proceed to or along a particular path or course. Used especially in the phrase "wend (one's) way home." It's been a great party, but it's starting to get late, so I think I'll start wending my way home. People eventually started to wend their way back to their offices as police broke up the demonstration.
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wend one's way

Proceed along a course, go, as in It's getting late; we had best wend our way home. [c. 1400]
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wend your way

go in a specific direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.
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wend one's way, to

To go in a particular direction. The verb to wend, which survives mainly in this cliché, here means “to turn.” (It had numerous other meanings, all now obsolete.) This term was known in the late fourteenth century, appearing in the anonymous Cursor Mundi. It was used for about two hundred years, was largely forgotten, and then was revived in the early nineteenth century. Numerous writers used it, including Dickens: “As she wended her way homewards” (Nicholas Nickleby, 1839).
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The project supports the development of the WEND (Water-shed Ecosystem Nutrient Dynamics) model that can assess the long-term dynamics of nutrient import and export in watersheds.
By PETRA WEND. (European University Studies, 9: Italian Language and Literature, 25) New York, Frankfurt a.M., and Paris: Lang.
Authored by Hay's top consultants, it is subtitled "How to Meet the Complicated and Sensitive Challenges of Rewarding Key Executives in the Health Care Field." One expects prescriptions for plan design, wise and legal ways to wend one's way through tricky IRS mazes, approaches to incentive plans, or other contemporary tactics for creating rewards in a highly competitive environment.
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Rainer Wend, Executive Vice President, Corporate Public Policy and Responsibility of the Deutsche Post AG apologised to the government and the people of Sri Lanka in his letter, addressed to H E the Ambassador, whilst expressing that the Deutsche Post has produced and delivered a small quantity of stamps in question without deeper knowledge about the LTTE connection with the motive.
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