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wend (one's) way

To proceed to or along a particular path or course. Used especially in the phrase "wend (one's) way home." It's been a great party, but it's starting to get late, so I think I'll start wending my way home. People eventually started to wend their way back to their offices as police broke up the demonstration.
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wend one's way

Proceed along a course, go, as in It's getting late; we had best wend our way home. [c. 1400]
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wend your way

go in a specific direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.
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wend one's way, to

To go in a particular direction. The verb to wend, which survives mainly in this cliché, here means “to turn.” (It had numerous other meanings, all now obsolete.) This term was known in the late fourteenth century, appearing in the anonymous Cursor Mundi. It was used for about two hundred years, was largely forgotten, and then was revived in the early nineteenth century. Numerous writers used it, including Dickens: “As she wended her way homewards” (Nicholas Nickleby, 1839).
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During the harsh journey on the Ben Nevis, dozens of Wends died of cholera.
For example, in one scene of Buud Yam, a group of jeering kids, silently observes Wend Kuuni (Serge Yanogo) and the Prince (Hyppolite Ouangrawa) attempting to build a raft to cross over an un-deep part of the Niger River, until an old man passes by them and crosses the river.
With this background and a general understanding of P cycling within watersheds, the WEND model was developed as a tool to help planners understand the processes that govern P movement into, within, and our of watersheds and the long-term impacts of management alternatives on watershed P transfer.
The flowering of women poets in the Cinquecento has long warranted as detailed a juxtaposition and interpretative comparisons as close as those provided by Wend in this volume.
Professor Wend explained: "We have close connections with The Big Issue and INSP and several years ago, QMU recognised the inspirational work achieved by Mel Young, cofounder of The Big Issue in Scotland and INSP, when we awarded him an honorary degree.
THE war on terrorism continues to wend its bloody way.
Hundreds of visitors, including purchasing and procurement agents, will wend their way.
Fully voiced characterizations by both talented readers lend credence to the desperation, depravity, and foolhardiness of the parties as they wend their way from cradle to grave, from home life to the wilds of Africa.
The Liverpool International Street Carnival Parade will wend its way through the city from noon on Sunday July 20.
ANYONE wanting a preview of the Apocalypse should wend their way to Manchester.
Visitors enjoyed oriental snacks and noodles as they watched the carnival wend its way around The Arcadian Centre.
The patternings of exposed root systems that we see in these mixed-media pieces wend their way through each piece enigmatically, conjuring up images of exposed nerve endings.
Then you are waiting for another owner's lawsuit to wend its way through the court system.