welter in

welter in (something)

1. To wallow, writhe, or toss about in some substance. The poor animal had weltered in the mud for nearly a whole day before someone found it. We observed the tadpoles weltering in the slime of the pond.
2. To be drenched in some liquid, especially blood. Dozens of soldiers lay weltering in their own blood. The old drunk sat hunched over the bar, weltered in spilt booze and his own tears.
3. To be or become consumed with or overwhelmed by some state, condition, or emotion. The people in the region have weltered in despair and poverty ever since the local factories closed down. The boss's cryptic message left me weltering in anxiety about the security of my job. I weltered in a confused haze for several hours after trying the drug, and I vowed never to do it again.
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welter in something

1. to roll about or wallow in something; to be immersed in or surrounded by something. Most breeds of pigs will welter happily in mud. I hate having to welter in the heat.
2. [for someone or something] to drip or run with liquid, such as blood, sweat, water, etc. Three minutes into the jungle, we were weltering in our own sweat. The wounded man weltered in his blood.
3. Fig. to be immersed in something such as activity, work, demands, etc. (Fig. on {2}.) Toward the peak of the season, we welter in orders for our goods. She was weltering in work, eager to take a break.
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They couldn't 'welter in gore,' to save their lives!"
Seitz and Greg Welter were real estate business partners, and Seitz said she became suspicious when Tamara Welter started using confidential business information against Greg Welter in the divorce case.
He went from light-welter to welter in six weeks, and fought and beat another world champion in his backyard.